Stefan Perzborn's Crumb644-NET Webserver example v1.4.
These web pages are served by the Crumb644-NET web server running on top of the uIP embedded TCP/IP stack.
Ported to Crumb644-NET module by Stefan Perzborn ( Crumb644-NET from chip45 is a higly integrated rapid prototyping Ethernet module.
* ATmega644 microcontroller
* 10Mbit ethernet interface with CP2201 ethernet controller
* installed ethernet transformer!
* 4 channel 12 bit ADC
* 4Mbit serial data flash
* 20MHz clock crystal
* status LEDs (1x ethernet link/activity, 2x free programmable)
* pin headers with usable ATmega644 signals (USART, SPI, I2C, PIOs, Timer in/out, Interrupts)